Three men gunned down in Curridabat shooting

Two young men were found shot to death in a car and third mortally wounded outside the vehicle Monday night in Tirrases, according to a bulletin from the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Judicial agents said they believe that the murders were related to a territorial dispute between rival drug gangs, the bulletin said.

The two men that agents found in the car were 20-year-old Jean Paul Ulloa Jiménez and 22-year-old Kenneth Josue Rodríguez Arrones, said a judicial spokesperson.

The third man was identified as 18-year-old Gabriel Alejandro Solís López, who died soon after being admitted to Hospital Calderón Guardia, the bulletin said.

According to the report,Cruz Roja workers arrived at the scene at around 11 p.m. Monday night at the crossroads in front of a place called La Poderosa, in Tirrases de Curridabat.

There they found a Honda Civic containing the corpses of Ulloa and Rodríguez, the bulletin said. They found Solís just outside of the car with gunshot wounds to different parts of his body.

According to the report, Agents suspect members of a drug gang drove past the car firing shots as they went. Agents said that Solís had a 9-mm. millimeter pistol, which they said indicates that he attempted to return fire.

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