Top Chinese politician visits to endorse grant

Casa Presidencial photo
Jia Qinglin, a member of the Chinese Politboro, greets a woman who sported a flag of the People’s Republic when he arrived in Costa Rica Monday afternoon. With him is Enrique Castillo, the foreign minister.

Costa Rican officials wined and dined a top Chinese politician Monday and pretty well tied up downtown traffic during the rush hour.

The politician is Jia Qinglin, a member of the politburo of the Chinese Communist Party and secretary of the National Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Costa Ricans are expecting the visitor to endorse a $4.82 million grant and a line of credit in a similar amount. He was the honored guest Monday night at a dinner hosted by Enrique Castillo, the foreign minister.

The visitor will meet with legislators and President Laura Chinchilla, who visited China in August.

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