Two pairs of armed robbers stick up drivers and store

Two pairs of armed robbers knocked over an armored truck transporting cash and a cell phone store around San José Wednesday, according to reports from the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Agents said that the crooks who robbed the store took off with about $4,000 worth of merchandise.

Meanwhile the robbers of the armored truck only got 70,000 colons, or about $140, and one of them is believed to be wounded, investigators said.

Both robberies took place just before noon, officials said.

According to a judicial bulletin, the armored car robbery took place outside of a small grocery store in La Mora in Ipis de Guadalupe. Agents said that the two men responsible for the truck were delivering coffee into that store when two armed men intercepted them with guns and stripped them of the 70,000 they were carrying.

As the robbers fled, another truck from the same company arrived, and the driver attempted to intervene. The details of that confrontation and whether it was a short shootout were not made clear, but the report said that one of the robbers was wounded before both fled.

At around the same time, another pair of robbers arrived at a cell phone store in Curridabat.

According to another bulletin, this store was equipped with a lock that employees can manage with a button inside the store.

Agents said that one of the robbers posed as a customer to get around this lock, holding a cell phone service receipt up to the window to gain entry. Once the employees unlocked the door, a second man with a gun in hand also burst into the store with the first man and threatened the employees if they tried to intervene, the bulletin said.

The robbers then collected cell phones and other merchandise that is valued at about $4,000 before escaping in what witnesses identified as a luxurious, black vehicle that was waiting outside, agents said.

Robbers posing as customers while another lies in wait has become a strategy for entering stores with these security features such as the lock that is opened by employees inside the store. Judicial agents reported a similar case in November in which a jewelry store in Alajuela lost about $44,000.

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