Why no coverage of motos and the roadway confrontation

Last Tuesday, I saw some pretty dramatic TV footage of confrontations between motorcycle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers on the Channel 6 and Channel 7, evening newscasts.

Why no English Language coverage in either of your papers at anytime last week?

I have seen and experienced the protests where different groups stop traffic at the rotundas and pistas to promote this or that cause.  I assume that the motos were blocking the roads to protest the price hike on the annual marchamo, and the associated hike in insurance rates and vehicle valuations.  My experience with these strikes or protests is that most folks are inconvenienced, and a little put out, but they accept the road blockage as a way for the common man to have his voice heard.

What I saw on TV was quite different.  Moto drivers were bashing car windows with their helmets, confronting and pulling drivers (men and women) out of cars that failed to stop or tried to get past the blockade.  This was pretty disturbing to me to see this type of behavior coming from a supposedly peaceful people, who by nature, do not like confrontation.

My opinion from what I viewed on TV was that common car drivers, did not respect the motos protest because even the common Tico and Tica are fed up with the criminal behavior that the motos exhibit daily on the roads of Costa Rica.  Reckless driving, darting in and out of traffic, passing on the left and right are common sights everyday, even in the presence of the traffic police. Many (not all) motos do not purchase insurance, marchamo, or Retieve, yet they represent a large percentage of the traffic deaths and accidents on our roads and a LARGE expense to the Social medical system when they are given free and expensive extended medical care for the injuries they inflict upon themselves and others.

Common folks rejected the motos cause because they are fed up with bad behavior and are tired of getting stuck with the bill.  But I saw no coverage of what looked to be a BIG story.  I hope you guys are not giving the motos a pass on this.  Too many stories of bad behavior in one week bad for tourism?  Monday’s coverage was of closing the national park because of petty thieves robbing tourists.

I am counting on both English-language papers to report news and not remain silent on important topics.

P.S.  I was sideswiped by a moto while making a legal left turn on Lindora road.  I had my left signal on, in the  left turn lane, the road ahead was clear ahead.  As I made the left turn, I was sideswiped by a moto passing me on the left in the left turn lane.  The impact sent the moto skidding down the road about 50 meters and the moto driver skidding down the road about 75 meters.  The moto driver got up ran to his moto, picked it up and drove away as fast as his moto would carry him.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, I assume the moto left the scene of the accident because he had no insurance, marchamo or Reteive AND he was at fault.  I was left with a sideswiped car and a hefty repair bill.

William Ruzicka
EDITOR’S NOTE: Since our staffers were not at the unexpected violent confrontation, we were unable to cover it. We do not steal material from other news outlets. However, we have created Costa Rica Report where the news that does not make A.M. Costa Rica is cited legally from the Spanish-language press. We also have a system on this page that converts the Spanish news story to English for those who do not read Spanish. And that is how we handled the motorcycle unpleasantness. See HERE!
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