World is full of chemicals and fallout that damage our genes

NASA scientists have assured us that contrary to the supposed prediction of the Mayans, the end of the world will not occur this month. The comfort of knowing that is marred by some recent news and some things I read in a book I have had for probably 30 years.

Robert Charroux, who hypothesized in his book “One Hundred Thousand Years of Man’s Unknown History” that former civilizations destroyed themselves, wrote, “In 1945 a catastrophic course was adopted by the politicians who had the task of reconstituting a society that had been torn apart by war . . . They advocated development of atomic military science, encouragement of higher birth rates, class struggle, international competition for power and prestige – when the only real solution would have been world union, in spite of all difficulties, for the preservation of mankind.”

Later, biologist Jean Rostand said, “Radioactive fallout is a veritable pollen of death causing an
increase in mutations. Atomic and chemical industries add their powerful effects to these nuclear explosions. In fact, they now constitute the main source of radiation . . . By damaging genes we do something worse than killing; we create bad life.”

I wouldn’t say bad life, but we are producing many more vulnerable people.

Researchers in Canada have found that the young women who worked in a canning factory were contracting cancer far above the norm (in 1977 one of 17 women was expected to get cancer. Today it is one in eight.) The villain appeared to be the chemicals used both in the canning process and the pesticides used on the foods being canned. Meanwhile, women who work in automotive factories have a five-fold greater chance of getting breast cancer than those in other industries. Bisphenol A, also used in both industries, has been declared by the Canadian government to be a toxic chemical.

Environmental estrogen is a term that covers the chemicals used in pesticides, plastics, detergents, food additives and preservatives. They mimic, in a damaging way, the hormones in humans that control the reproductive functions of both sexes. Research hints that they may even be connected to the increase in obesity.

Other researchers are finding that food allergies among young people increased by18 percent between 1997 and 2007. They have concluded that it is the chemicals used in agricultural pesticides and the chlorine in water that is causing this increase. This also may be responsible for what is called adult onset allergies.

What seems to be happening in the world is that the more bountiful and beautiful, bug and blemish-free foods we eat, are doing us more harm than good, and affecting future generations, by mutating our genes. Add to all of this, the damage being done to our oceans, the fallout from wars to all living things, and the increasing occurrence of natural catastrophes. The world may not be coming to an end, but those of us who live on it are being more and more threatened.

So I do hope the campaign against using genetically doctored corn in Costa Rica succeeds. The less we tamper with what nature has given us, the healthier we are.

And finally, I must comment on my concern last week, in hoping the Latin countries would at least legalize marijuana. Evidently, nothing came of their conference. Their decision might have influenced the United States’ stance on drugs. Instead, the U.S. government is fining the HSBC bank for laundering $7 billion in Mexican drug money, (along with doing business with its current enemies).

The bank apologized for its mistakes. There were no arrests or threats of prison time to individuals. In short, the government has taken its cut from the drug trade.

Meanwhile, thousands of young people, and not so young, are spending years in prison – many of them in private, for-profit, prisons — in the United States for simply having marijuana in their possession. No accepted apologies, token fines and slaps on the wrist for them.

Humans are the only animals that tamper with the food they eat, wage wars with organized militaries and interfere with another’s attempt to enjoy a different reality,

The world no doubt will continue, but we civilized humans may be destroying ourselves and it will once again be the meek (the patient and peaceful ones, who live outside civilization) who shall inherit the earth.

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