Yule lighting inauguration will feature fireworks

Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz S.A. photos
Here are some of the scenes that will wish residents and visitors a happy holiday season.

The national electric company said Tuesday that the Christmas illumination of San José will be inaugurated Friday with a 6 p.m. ceremony and fireworks display just west of the Teatro Nacional.

The company, the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz S.A., said it is using LED lights this year to effect a savings in energy of up to 80 percent.

Plans are to have lighting on many of the major streets as well as downtown churches.

These, too, will sport LED lights that are said to cost 10 times less in power than incandescent bulbs.

The hanging and testing of the various lights is supposed to be concluded today. There also will be light displays in other areas of the country served by the same company. For example, the Iglesia de Coronado and the Catedral de Puntarenas are being
illuminated as well as locations in Barva, Desamparados, Miramar and Moravia.

In San José these streets will be lighted; Paseo Colón, Avenida Secunda, Avenida Central, Avenida Cuarto, part of Calle 42, the old road to Escazú in Sabana Sur from the Universal store to the Colegio Médicos, the Bulevar Las Américas north of Parque la Sabana, Avenida 10 from the Gimnasio Nacional. Also illuminated will be the pedestrian overpasses at Hospital México, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Paseo Colón and Soda Tapia at Sabana Este.

There also will be trees illuminated as well as Parque La Merced, Parque Morazán, Parque Central and the Plaza de la Democracia.

The company also is installing illuminated murals at various locations. One will be in San Antonio de Belén on the Autopista General Cañas, and another will be in La Unión opposite Terramall on the Autopista Florencia del Castillo.

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