Arias brother decides to return to private life

Rodrigo Arias Sánchez does not look like a matinee idol and does not have a Nobel Peace Prize as does his brother.

Plus he has a lot of political baggage because he was chief of staff to his brother at Casa Presidencial.

So he has put aside his political ambitions and will return to private life, he said Friday at a press conference.

The former candidate did not fare well in public opinion surveys either within his Partido Liberación Nacional or among the public. And his campaign has not been successful in raising a lot of cash.

The decision by Rodrigo Arias leaves Johnny Araya Monge, mayor of San José, as the strong favorite to capture the presidential nomination by Liberación Nacional at an April convention.

Araya has been successful in bringing would-be competitors into his campaign. He made a deal with Antonio Álvarez Desanti to be his campaign manager in exchange for political benefits in the future. It is possible that there may be room for Rodrigo Arias.

The only other potential presidential nominee is Fernando Berrocal Soto, the former security minister. He was a long third in the polls.

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