Bandits manage to isolate one truck from liquor convoy

Delivery of liquor is being done in caravans with security vehicles front and back.

But that was not enough Sunday to stop an attempted hijacking.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that four trucks left Santa Ana for Cartago.

About 1:30 p.m. the fourth vehicle in this caravan was flagged down by a man dressed as a traffic officer, agents said. As soon as the driver stopped, two vehicles with armed men pulled up and tried to drive away the vehicle.

The truck contained a dead switch that prevented the hijackers from starting it, said agents.

Just as they were figuring this out, the security vehicle following the convoy pulled up and the crooks forced the driver from the car.

He was taken for a ride, lost his cell phone and money and was dumped near the Costa Rican Country Club in Escazú, said agents.

The crime bore similarities to one that took place in November when bandits were successful in driving off with a container truck that was bound to Atenas from Coronado. Agents were able to recover that vehicle quickly.

Companies that transport marketable merchandise appear to be taking more and more steps to avoid crime. Many delivery trucks carry an armed guard.

Big targets are trucks carrying appliances, food products and computers. One gang actually stole a truck carrying coffee last month.

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