Berrocal ends his campaign and joins with Johnny Araya

As expected the former security minister, Fernando Berrocal, Wednesday bowed out of the race for a nomination to run for president.

His departure assured the nomination of the Partido Liberación Nacional would go to Johnny Araya, the San José mayor.

The party meets in April to pick a candidate for the 2014 elections, and there is no other contender.

Berrocal shared a press conference with Araya Wednesday afternoon. Berrocal admitted that Araya has a way with people.

Rodrigo Arias Sánchez dropped out of the race last week. Among other problems was a high fee that party leaders instituted for those who would seek the nomination.

Although the election is more than a year away, Araya appears to be the strongest candidate and potential opponents from other parties are evaluating their position.

Araya has sought the job in the past, but the party selected Laura Chinchilla in 2009. Her administration has proved to be a difficult one, and Liberation leaders are looking for a strong standard bearer without the name calling and expense a battle for the nomination generates.

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