Biggest job for fire fighters turned out to be bee attacks

Fire fighters usually are thought to make the bulk of their emergency calls in suppressing flames, but in 2012, the Bomberos de Costa Rica answered the most calls, 12,602, as a result of bee attacks.

Bee attacks were up 23 percent over the prior year, said the annual report from the fire agency. So were fires. Fire fighters answered 1,102 structural fires, 25 percent more than in 2011, and 7,316 grass, field and woods fires, an increase of 57 percent, said the report.

Over all, fire fighters answered 27 percent more emergency calls than in 2011, the report said.

There were 3,040 traffic accidents that required the presence of fire fighters and 3,372 situations involved the escape of liquid petroleum gas, said the report. Both types of situations were up significantly from the prior year.

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