Bull encounters at Zapote resulted in 257 injuries

Bulls racked up a score of 257 in sending that many informal bull fighters and bull riders to the physician.

The Cruz Roja, which maintains a clinic at the Zapote festival rondel said it treated that many toreros improvisados and bull riders during the run of the carnival from Christmas Day until Sunday.

Of those treated and then sent to hospitals or clinics there were no critical injuries this year, said the Cruz Roja.

In anticipation in recent years those who participate in the bull baiting in the Zapote arena are required to have insurance. They also are required to be sober.

For those injured, the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, the agency that runs the hospitals, will bill the Instituto Nacional de Seguros, the state insurance agency, for care. A handful remained hospitalized Monday night.

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