Capital makes more jobs and moves more products

I read today that Casa Presidencial said Tuesday that the president would soon take steps to decrease the flow of dollars into Costa Rica.

A statement from Casa Presidencial after the weekly cabinet meeting said that the inflow of dollars puts at risk the financial stability of the country, jeopardizes exports and hurts employment. This is mainly because, as the Banco Central explained in its year-end report, the interest is being paid eventually to foreign entities without any benefit to Costa Rica.

Let’s think about that. If a bank takes my money and pays me interest it is because they have customers that need the money. The bank makes money on the loan which in turn helps to pay their employees. The person who borrowed the money puts it in his business or a house or whatever and that hires more people. The people that now have jobs because of the loan now can buy products, food and etc., which makes more jobs.

And where are these jobs??? Costa Rica. I believe she needs to rethink this one.
Robert Woodrow

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