Despite campaign, some youngsters suffered burns

In December 2012, the Hospital Nacional de Niños treated 42 children for different types of burns. Of these children, 29 required hospitalizations, said Director Rodolfo Hernández Gómez.

According to Hernández, the majority of the burns came from spilled hot liquids such as milk and coffee.

With the season of fireworks and celebrations upon the country, there was a worry about children being burned from the explosives.

The hospital, along with the Cruz Roja, fire department and security ministry, set out a campaign again last year to educate parents and children about the proper use of fireworks.

The slogan for the endeavor was, “Zero burned, zero suffering, zero pain, zero deaths.” Unfortunately, the chant was not completely fulfilled as nine children were treated last year for firework burns. Six of these cases happened last month, said Hernández.

The big firework day, New Year’s eve, ended with two young boys going to the hospital. One burned his hand and the other his body, the physician said.

Although this number is relatively low, the hospital director said it is an increase from last year. In December 2011, the hospital only saw three cases of firework burns, and there were only six cases for the whole year.

Still the number of liquid burns is what has more troubling numbers, and it is the goal to decrease these types of accidents this year, he said.

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