Doing business ranking improves by 12 positions

The country has raised it ranking by 12 places in the World Bank Doing Business Index.

The economics ministry credited the achievements of the Laura Chinchilla Miranda administration for the improvement. The Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio announced the improvement Monday but did not mention the overall ranking.

Costa Rica was put in 110th place of 185 countries by the World Bank. That is up 12 from 2012.

The major increases were in dealing with construction permits, dealing across borders, paying taxes and the availability of credit.

The country declined slightly in starting a business, which the World Bank estimated to take 60 days. That process involves registering a company and even opening a bank account.

The World Bank gives the complete report HERE!

The World Bank said that Costa Rica had cut the time required to obtain a construction permit to 160 days. The process requires 18 procedures, the World Bank said. That is less than the 225-day average for Latin America but more than in First World countries.

The score for tax payment was improved because electronic filing has been instituted by the Dirección General de Tributación.

Costa Rica recently also has created a unified system for creating a business. Someone can obtain a municipal business license and other approvals quickly, the government has said. The system is based on a pilot project in San José.

The ministry said that the country hopes to move into the double digits on the index in the next year. To do that Luis Guillermo Plata has been hired. He is a former economics minister from Colombia and served in the Álvaro Uribe government. He now runs a consulting company.

The ministry said that there are plans to improve a number of government agencies and that the unified system for creating a business is expected to lower the time to about 20 days, it said.

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