Drug arrests dominate police actions at Palmares festival

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía
y Seguridad Pública photo
The bags contain evidence, mostly drugs, confiscated at the
Palamares festival.

Police officials are enforcing a zero tolerance against drugs of any kind in and around the grounds where the Festejos Palmares 2013 is taking place.

The Fuerza Pública said Sunday that 154 persons had been detained there and that 128 face allegations of breaking drug laws. Police said they confiscated marijuana, cocaine, crack and even a tablet they think is ecstasy.

About 80 persons were detained through the tope horse parade Thursday. There were only a few persons held for theft and a half dozen facing open arrest warrants.

The festival runs until Jan. 21, and police have a strong presence on the grounds and the adjacent area. Some residents of Palmares complain that the annual festival brings crooks and other criminals into the community and that break-ins and burglaries are an annual byproduct of the carnival.

One carnival goer said that a family member who lives near the carnival grounds had a camera snatched by a man on a motorcycle while he was taking photos of the horse parade.

Police said Sunday that those attending the event should leave valuable articles and large sums of money at home.

The weekend report is not in yet, but the traffic police said late last week that they had snagged two drunk drivers coming from the carnival.

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