Expat offers diamonds as a sparkling investment

A long-time expat here is offering diamonds as an investment.

The expat is David F. Sagel, who has had a varied investment career here since 1981. Unknown to many friends, he also is an expert on diamonds, and he completed a grading course at the famed Gemological Institute of America in 1980. The California institute is the leading world authority on diamonds and other valuable stones.

Sagel also is associated with Bruce Lanzl, who retired as vice president of the gemological institute. Sagel credits his associate with the technique of sealing an investment diamond in a tamper-proof plastic package along with a miniature appraisal and grading report by the institute.

Although Sagel said he would sell diamonds for jewelry, his emphasis is on the graded and appraised stones encased in plastic for the protection of the investors.

Sagel said he also sees his mission in Costa Rica as an educational one. He has prepared a 24-page prospectus for investors that is really a mini-course in diamonds. He said that diamonds are less vulnerable to dramatic price changes so they make a good medium- and long-term investment.

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