Guest injured in struggle with intruder who suffers fatal wound

A family friend wrestled with a home invader late Saturday and suffered a bullet wound. But it appears that the crook also suffered a wound because he was found dead in the street where it appears he had been dumped.

Meanwhile, Fuerza Pública officers managed to detain three other suspects.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the crime happened about 7 p.m. Saturday in Coloradito de Corredores. That is in southern Costa Rica near the Panamá border.

A family consisting of a husband and wife and three children were hosting a person described as a family friend. Agents said the crooks gained entry because a door had been left open.Four men entered and held the family at gunpoint, said agents. The intruders helped themselves to money, computers, jewels and other items of value, according to the report.

As they were leaving, the family friend, who was not identified further, tackled one of the intruders, probably the youngest, and began fighting for his gun. The gun discharged, and both men suffered injuries, agents said.

Shortly before midnight, police located suspects in a car in Paso Canoas. The driver unsuccessfully tried to evade police, agents said. Recovered were ski masks and weapons, agents said.

The three suspects were 17, 19 and 20, said investigators. Agents said they think there is another suspect still at large because the loot was not located.

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