Home invasion triggered chain of events that left two cops dead

A home invasion was the crime that began the chain of events that left two policemen and a suspect dead in Cariari de Pococí Monday night.

The two police officers Carlos Eulogio Jimenez Pérez, 32, and Jesús Peraza Garro, 50, had been alerted by a report of the home invasion. They were on motorcycles.

By the time police became involved, the home invaders had unloaded a flat-screen television and a sound system that they had stolen after threatening and tying up the occupant of the home.

The crooks then continued to drive the vehicle they had stolen from the homeowner.

That was when they had their first encounter with the two police officers, and a firefight erupted, said the Judicial Investigating Organization, which identified a crook killed in the exchange as Henry Elizondo Valverde, 20. He was shot in the head.

The remaining crooks then used the stolen vehicle to run down the two officers, judicial agents said. After hitting the police officers, the vehicle ran into a ditch and the occupants fled on foot.

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía
y Seguridad Púbica photo
This is the vehicle that killed the two officers.

Tuesday Police detained Carlos Alberto Avila Sancho, 43, who they found in a local park. They also found the stolen items in a nearby home late Monday.

Agents also detained two brothers, identified by the last names of Chavarría Rojas. But they were set free later due to lack of evidence.

Peraza, who lived in Guácimo, left two children. He had 13 years in the police force. Jiménez lived with his wife in El Cairo, Siquirres. He joined the force in July 2009. Both men will be buried today after separate funerals.

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