Hot day, chilly nights are in forecast

The week is starting out with mostly clear skies and an unforgiving sun, according to a forecast from the national weather service.

The hot, dry weather follows a weekend where strong winds raked Liberia, Bagaces, Ciudad Colón and Pavas. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that winds were as strong as 84 kph in the canton of Mora where Ciudad Colón is located. That’s about 52 mph.

In the first part of the week, rain will be scare, even on the Caribbean Coast and northern zone where the weather usually is wetter while the rest of the country experiences a dry season.

But with the clear skies, the heat of the day will dissipate quickly and the night will be chilly, the weather service said.

The weekend was perfect for sunburn, even in the Central Valley. Persons holding picnics or just strolling in the nation’s parks were easy victims for the tropical sun. They will regret not covering up today.

Winds have a tendency to add to the sun’s burning effect.

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