Irish firm issues report that is upbeat on tourism

Research and Markets, a research agency based in Ireland, is predicting 2.36 million tourists for Costa Rica this year. The firm also predicts that tourism will increase on the average by 6 percent a year until 2017.

The firm notes that the top three markets for Costa Rican tourism are the United States, Canada and Nicaragua.

Here are some other forecasts:

“In the same vein, Costa Rica is making retirement communities a priority to keep visitor numbers up. The country is targeting North American pensioners by doing away with the red tape of residence permits, especially for those in good health. Tax exemptions on real estate and vehicles are also being offered.”


“The planned regeneration of the province of Limón, on the less frequently visited Caribbean coast, has the potential to put upward pressure on inbound tourism numbers. Puerto Limón was once the home of the United Fruit Company (the predecessor of Chiquita Brands International) and the province has two national parks. The parks have the potential to be a large tourism draw. In our view, the development of tourism infrastructure in the region is likely to unlock great potential.”

The firm is seeking to sell the report, “Costa Rica Tourism Report Q1 2013.”

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