Judicial agents break up a found money con game in Siguirres

Judicial agents were on the lookout Monday when three persons played what appears to be a variation of the pigeon drop fraud.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the ploy involved the alleged recovery of money. The victim was a man spotted leaving a bank in Siquirres.

Agents detained a 54-year-old woman, a 52-year-old Costa Rican woman and a Colombian man, 34. One woman encountered the victim when he left the bank and said that she had lost a purse with a large sum of money. She left. Shortly a second woman arrived and said she found the purse but wanted a reward.

The victim gave her $220 and 8,000 colons, said the judicial agency. After the woman left, the victim found that there was no money in the purse, agents said.

Agents said they had been forewarned that the trio were going to play the con game.

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