Months of work finally cure a key bridge in north San José

They call it the incurable bridge, the Puente Incurables, and for many motorists it was at least a major headache.

The bridge links north San José with Guadalupe, and repairs there have been going on for months. But the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said Wednesday that the last bit of asphalt had been put down and all that is lacking are demarcation lines.

The bridge, like many other sites in Costa Rica bears a name that relates to what was there years ago. In the case of the incurables, the bridge went up near where a hospital had been located. Now an old folks home is nearby. The bridge or bridges span the Río Torres.

The road agency said the asphalt job was 15 million colons or about $30,000. The major delay was in chopping up the old road surface, and that restricted the number of lanes.

The big job began after two of the lanes collapsed. That was an 865 million-colon job, some $1.7 million. The entire structure had to be rebuilt. About 10,000 vehicles a day use the bridge, the road agency said.

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