More taxes on expats’ cash would force hard decisions

It has become abundantly clear that new and/or increased taxes here in Costa Rica have been brought about by many situations most of which seem to be exacerbated by the government. Given the numbers of people employed by the government and, other state sponsored monopolies one would be led to believe that the country’s infrastructure would be world class.

I have been told that many new and /or increased taxes are because Costa Rica is a more desirable place to live than many neighboring countries. The truth is that Costa Rica is now playing on a world stage and can not just vacillate between regional and world issues. Now a very strong possibility of being taxed twice on our income coming into the country is being proposed. The money we bring in goes directly into the Costa Rican economy in the form of living expenses and yes, to pay impuestos.

Costa Rica is a great and beautiful country. The people of Costa Rica are proud, strong and, patriotic. They have a warmth and spirit that is exceptional. I question if they are getting their money’s worth from their government. As much as I would hate to leave my life here in Costa Rica, if my income that I earned in the U.S. is taxed when I bring it here, I and many other expats would be forced to return to their country of origin or other country rather than be double taxed on fixed incomes.

Gordon L Balter

EDITOR’S NOTE: The central government has not yet proposed taxing money coming into the country. The proposal is to do so on funds leaving the country. However, what lawmakers may do is uncertain.

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