Now it is fake bank Web pages showing up on search engines

Internet crooks have a new tool in their crooked arsenal. Judicial investigators said that somehow crooks have managed to post false pages on search engines.

That is why some local bank customers who search for their bank via a search engine might end up with a fake site where their password and other data will be stolen.

Banks have made great strides in security in the last few years. Now there are several systems that customers must use to verify their identity twice. Still, judicial investigators said that in the last month more than 40 bank customers have fallen victim to fake Web pages on usually reliable search engines.

The agency is urging bank customers not to use search engines to obtain a link to their bank.

An average of 500,000 colons have been lost to crooks in each fake transaction, agents said. That’s about $1,000.

The judicial investigating agency has a Sección de Delitos Informáticos that tries to solve online theft crimes.

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