Palmares festival begins today with fireworks

Those who have not had their fill of carnival food, megabars and young men and women taunting a fighting bull will be happy to know that the Fiestas de Palmares starts today.

This is the carnival that is second only to the Zapote Christmas event.

Tonight the opening features a 6 p.m. parade of faroles or street lanterns on the fairgrounds and fireworks at 8 p.m.

The carnival runs until Jan 21, and big attractions include the tope or horse parade Thursday at noon and a Festival Latino Sunday at 3 p.m.

The event is the production of the Asociación Cívica Palmareña.

In all there are 15 separate bull baiting events. Prices for spectators range from 2,000 colons to 8,000 depending on the day, but seniors get in free Sunday night, Jan. 13, Monday, Jan. 14,  Wednesday, Jan. 16 and Jan. 21 in the afternoon.

A full program is HERE!

Palmares is just off the InterAmerican highway, Ruta 1, west of the Central Valley. The carnival is
free but the special events like watching the bulls
and the Latin festival have separate admission charges.

Naturally there will be the usual complement of police, and traffic officers will be trying to snag drunks on the road home. The transport ministry is making some changes to the Bernardo Soto highway to improve traffic flow during peak times. The traffic police said that up to 150 officers will be on duty checking drivers not only for alcohol but also for proof that they have paid the road circulation tax, the marchamo.

Each year traffic police harvest many drunks. Those who plan to drink at the festival probably should avail themselves of public transportation. Many groups and organizations charter small buses to visit the fairgrounds.

One of the principal activities there is the megabars that feature live music and dancers.

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