Police action continues to cut down the Flamingo party crowd

Asociacion Pro Mejoras Playa Flamingo photo
Flamingo partygoers enjoy music on the beach.

Opponents of a five-day beer blast in Flamingo say that police action greatly reduced the number of participants.

Instead of some 5,000 persons, one estimate was that only about 500 persons attended Monday. Police shut down the party at the Ambares drinking establishment about 4 a.m. Monday, residents reported. Residents oppose the event because of the trash, the blocking of a main access road and the noise.

Fuerza Pública officers appear to have discouraged participating by preventing visitors from parking their cars and by enforcement of an open container law.

Residents continued to photograph the event in anticipation of a continuation of their Sala IV constitutional court appeal to shut down the annual event. They said they were irked that the band and the crowd moved to the beach.

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