Police effort snags Escazú home invader suspects

A complex police operation detained four men Wednesday morning on suspicion that they are home invaders.

One of the suspects is a San José municipal policeman who is on leave.

The invasion was of a home in the Bello Horizonte section of Escazú. One of the victims inside the home managed to call the emergency number, and Fuerza Pública officers showed up with Escazú municipal police.

As police arrived, four would-be, masked robbers fled, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Two ran across the roofs of adjacent properties while one hid in a nearby home. Police detained a fourth suspect hiding in a lot nearby.

The Servicio Especial de Respuesta Táctica negotiated with the suspect hiding in the home to effect the arrest.

During the melee, shots were fired and an Escazú policeman suffered a wound. Later pistols were recovered. Agents think that one robber managed to flee successfully.

The judicial agency said that the police officer who was detained had worked in 2006 for the owners of the home that was the target of the invasion. He was in possession of a 9-0mm. pistol when detained, they said. Police encountered a laptop, a video game setup and other items in the truck of what was presumed to have been used to bring the robbers to the home.

One suspect was detained carrying a billfold from the house that was targeted.

Bello Horizonte contains areas with upscale homes and is a frequent target of home invaders.

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