Police will enforce new bike and motorcycle laws at schools

With the start of school less than a week away, traffic police are ready to enforce new laws, including one that says persons riding a bicycle must wear a helmet and reflective vest.

And there is another law that prohibits more than one person riding on a bike unless the design permits this. For example, the bike may have a second seat.

Traffic police also said they will be looking for parents transporting a child 5 or under on a motorcycle. That is illegal now. So is carrying more than an extra persona on a motorcycle.

Traffic police note that in rural areas the tradition has been to put three to five persons on a motorcycle at times. This is illegal now. The traffic police director, German Marín, said that officers will be paying special attention Wednesday and thereafter at some 79 schools that are in high traffic areas. Some 180 traffic policemen will be assigned to this job on two shifts, he said.

The police director also called upon parents to be good examples to their children. He urged them to use pedestrian bridges and noted that the bridge over Ruta 32 at the Contraloría General de la República in Sabana Sur frequently is avoided by adults who dash across the six traffic lanes there.

He also said parents should avoid the practice of stepping off a bus before it has stopped completely.

Traffic officers also will be dealing with the annual chaos brought about by the operators of vehicles that transport students. Each year many do not have all the full permissions.

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