Re-election of Barack Obama was hardly a mandate

It has been a while since I took pen to hand and opined on A.M. Costa Rica. But, after reading Mr. Barbour’s attempt to spike the ball with his in your face political comments, I have to retort.

This was a very close election, Obama won by about 3 percentage points, I would hardly call that electoral humiliation. The Republicans offered up another weak, moderate, candidate and many conservatives stayed home and did not vote.  Hardly a mandate, and let us not forget that they retained control of the House and will keep Obama from enacting his socialist, redistribute the wealth agenda.

Yes, Mr. Obama was successful in demonizing the Republican Party with the most hateful, divisive, shameful, presidential campaign in history.  Obama and his Chicago friends were very successful in exploiting class warfare.

Sadly, as Mr. Barbour states, the election was lost because Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan were focused on fixing the economy.  Obama focused on marriage equality, gay rights, free birth control, unfettered welfare, food stamps, collage loan interest rates, the dream act, and the supreme high sacrament of the Democrats, the continued slaughter of unborn children, now referred to as reproductive rights.

Some of these are important subjects, that can be debated in the years to come, but right now with a $16.4 trillion debt that will soon be $20 trillion and growing, we needed to focus our national attention like a laser on the national debt. Unfortunately, the electorate was masterfully distracted.

Obama was a master at changing the national discourse from his failed presidency and economic policies and distracted the dumbed down American electorate with his offer of free stuff to each and every one of his contingency groups.  As long as the free stuff was promised, the votes were cast.

His voters were more concerned about these individual social issues that benefited them, then the economic health of their country.  A very telling selfish turn of events from the Jack Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Democratic Party that I remember.

Yes, Mr. Barbour, have fun, spike the ball, make fun of the Republicans, call them “angry old, heavily armed, southern white guys,” if that makes you feel superior.  All it does is reveal your ignorance, anger, and hate.

Here is a little history lesson for you my friend.  Fellow progressive/socialist presidents Wilson and Roosevelt thought they had humiliated the Republican Party after their elections.   History has a funny way of repeating.
Leo Plumley, Libertarian,
Jaco Beach

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