Republicans can only blame themselves for voting outcome

Mr. Plumley had better get his head out of the Jacó sand, wake up, and smell the coffee.  Yes, Romney was a weak candidate — that’s why he lost the election!   However, it was not because the conservatives stayed home, as Plumley asserts, but because those with any real acumen crossed the proverbial aisle and voted for Obama.

Mr. Barbour was correct in his analysis:

The party of the angry old, heavily armed, southern white guys is on its way down, and it will continue to bleed relevance as the electoral demographic shifts in the U.S.

How can a president lead the people if he is clueless about the demographics and requisites of his constituency? It was the Republicans themselves who bombed their own sinking ship, with totally out of touch remarks about the 47 percent, ending funding for planned parenthood, and other careless utterances designed to stir up emotion.  They succeeded, but  their short-sightedness and flippant attitudes produced the antithesis of their desired outcome.

Republicans were, and continue to be, out of touch with the problems facing the citizenry.  They are more concerned with fattening their own wallets and remaining exempt from paying their fair share of the tax burden.

Plumley has it wrong:  the American electorate was not dumbed-down this year, as it was when it elected and then re-elected Obama’s ineffectual predecessor, whose egocentric policies and economic ineptitude, together with that of his supporters, got us into this mess in the first place.

The Democrats did not humiliate the Republicans this election. The Republicans managed that feat all on their own!

Darlene Mokrycki

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