Republicans stand for work and not for getting free stuff

In response to the opinions of Darlene Mokruycki and Mr. Barbour’s statements regarding Republican’s losing the elections I think they have omitted several crucial facts.

Obama won because he controlled the large urban areas, with major cities.  Chicago, as a prime example, is in shambles because of Democratic polices.  What major city that is controlled by Democrats isn’t?  Why would Democratic policies work for the nation when they don’t even work for the big cities?   Republicans won the rural areas hands down, and those are the areas that don’t have the large numbers of people on the public dole, who know how to get up and work and be self sufficient.

While blaming Bush for the failed economy, they never mention the fact that the debt did not soar until Democrats controlled both the Senate and House after the 2006 elections.  They don’t mention the fact that Jimmy Carter started the sub-prime mortgage mess, and Clinton threatened legal action against lenders that would not give sub-prime mortgages.  Bush tried to order an investigation into banking and sub-prime and investment issues on many occasions.  The Democrat response is highlighted by the infamous Barney Franks speech in which Franks told America that Freddie and Fannie were both solid. That was utter nonsense, but successfully thwarted the investigation.  The Democrats were also in the oversight positions, and totally dropped the ball in allowing the mess to continue which directly lead to the real estate crash and failed economy.

While Clinton brags about the great economy under his watch, nobody seems to remember that the stock market crashed shortly after because when investors realized that the “tech stocks” that had boosted the market, had no assets to back them, investors sold off and the market started it’s crash.

That was the economy that Bush inherited, one that had started it’s downward plunge.

The GM bailout, resulted in thousands of GM workers who had invested in GM stock their entire lives, along with all the other GM stock holders losing everything when the stock was declared worthless. GM could have gone thru structured bankruptcy and come out of it. Banks had too much invested to have let them go down, and saying that was not possible is just not true.

Democrats just don’t get simple economics involving debt, and since when should success be penalized by unfair taxation against those who are producing?  Funny that 93 percent of blacks and 71 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama, yet of those numbers, how many are producing to help society versus the number getting a free lunch from those that do produce?  Romney was correct in stating that he would never get that 47 percent of the vote, and it was not intended to be disrespectful, but a statement of fact.  Republicans stand for hard work and opportunity, not for buying votes based on people getting “free stuff,” or for “growing government” and over regulating.

The middle class does not grow the economy and create most jobs other than the small companies. Small family-owned companies for the most part do not drive the jobs market.  Investors do, by taking risk, and creating jobs in manufacturing and such industries employing the majority of the middle class, other than the public employees.  The government does not create wealth. They take it from those that do. Without investment, the country can’t grow and prosper, and the Democrats who want to tax investors at unreasonable capital gains rates will destroy the incentive for people to take risk when if they lose, their money is gone, and if they win they could be taxed at rates that have been proposed as high as 40 percent.   Without incentive to invest, the game is over.

Jim Day
Playa del Coco and Michigan

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