Road officials reverse themselves on plan to close Ruta 32

Consejo Nacional de Vialidad photo
This was the work Monday on Ruta 32, the main highway
from San José north and eventually to the Caribbean coast.

Painting highway lines is always a big deal in Costa Rica.

Generally, the road agency, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, waits until nearly every line has been erased from major highways. Then a contract is issued to paint all the lines at once. Naturally there are times when expats are driving at night in rainy weather when they can only discern the general direction of the highway. Those lines at the side of the highway generally are absent, too, in Costa Rica.

The Consejo planned to close Ruta 32 for five daylight hours for a week so that a crew could paint lines. That was announced Friday, and the main highway was closed Monday.

By midday, the Consejo had reversed itself and said that officials wanted to affect highway users as little as possible. So the highway will be open but perhaps just one lane at times. The work is being done between the toll booths and the bridge over the Río Sucio. Traffic police will be involved.

In the second stage of the work, lines will be put down between Tibás and the toll station. The final job is between the Río Sucio and Río Frío de Sarapiquí, said the Consejo. The route between Río Frío and Guácimo was painted last year and no work will be done there, said the Consejo.

The Consejo is promising sidelines on the highway, a yellow center line and even those plastic reflectors that are imbedded into the roadway.

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