Scotiabank customers join ranks of crooks’ targets

Customers of more than just Banco de Costa Rica have to be on guard over online scams.

A fake message made the rounds Tuesday in the name of ScotiaBank. The email message asked bank customers to sign in because “the recent anti-fraud measures we are carrying out require you to follow the link below and fill out the form in order to secure your account.”

Of course, the email came from crooks, and the actual location of the false Web page appeared to be somewhere in Germany. The page had been blocked by the Internet provider by late Wednesday.

The Scotia scam is just one of many being sent via emails. But the Banco de Costa Rica scam was a little different. There crooks had managed to construct a fake Web page to steal passwords, but they also managed to get a link to the fake Web page included in search engines.

So if a customer searched for Banco de Costa Rica, there was a chance that the fake Web page and link would appear.

Judicial investigators warned about this last week and urged bank customers to refrain from using search engines to obtain links to their banks. The links should be saved as bookmarks or favorite, they said.

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