Six die when truck collides and crushes car in Guanacaste

Six persons died when a truck hit a car in northwestern Costa Rica late Saturday.

The dead all were in one car and were returning from a birthday party.

The Judicial Investigating Organization detained the truck driver and said that he had more than 1.70 grams of alcohol per liter in his system. He is facing criminal charges.

The six persons were three married couples. Four were in their 20s and two were in their early 30s, said the Judicial agency.

The truck involved was a tractor trailer with a hopper trailer.

The truck was loaded with gravel and headed to Peñas Blancas at the Nicaraguan border. The car was headed to La Cruz de Guanacaste. The truck appears to have entered the opposing lane on the two-lane road and collided with the car. Both vehicles went off the road and the truck rolled on the car and dumped its load of gravel on the victims. The car was reduced to basically just its frame.

The highway was closed to traffic for six hours.

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