Telephone regulator offers a no-call list to customers

The Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones is offering telephone customers to become a part of a do not call list which is designed to prevent unsolicited communications.

The service blocks persons who are calling from credit card companies, travel agencies and other businesses that dial citizens in hopes of making a sale over the phone.

The action is made legal under article 44 of the Ley General de Telecomunicaciones, which grants cellphone users the right to privacy. Those who wish to take part can talk to their service provider and request to reject sales calls. They will only receive calls from organizations to which they give permission, said the telecom regulator.

The system mainly guarantees protection between clients and businesses that are using the same operator. In the case that the call is between different operators, companies that have the same agreement will take action to block the call, a release said.

Companies which violate the restriction to call will risk losing its phone service completely, the agency said.

If the fault falls on the phone operator for not taking the adequate measures to protect the privacy of the customer, the telecommunications agency can charge the operator a fine for misconduct of up to 1 percent of the company’s gross income of the previous fiscal period.

This is accordance to article 68 of the telecommunications law, said telecommunications, the agency said.

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