There is too much discussion of the past U.S. elections

My wife and I are delighted to know so many U.S. citizens as neighbors, as we lived in the U.S. for 12 years. There were many aspects of U.S. society that we truly appreciated and left many friends behind to retire in Costa Rica.

The U.S. species of Gringo adds to the richness of our international community. However, we would respectfully remind its members that they chose to leave the U.S. to live here. Duking out the U.S. election in the letters to A.M. Costa Rica and elsewhere, seems a little unfair to the rest of us, especially now that it is all over. We hear a little too much of this live and loudly at parties too.

Please remember that there are other nationalities here too. They can get enough of these opinions from reading the mainstream media from the U.S. and elsewhere, online or from the TV. By the way, the level of informed as opposed to bigoted debate is rather low.

The English language media here is guilty of the same overkill. Do you think that President Obama and ex-governor Romney were on tenterhooks awaiting which Costa Rican paper would give them its endorsement?  One suspects that most people read a Costa Rican paper to learn about, er, Costa Rican news. There is an increasing tendency to recycle mainly U.S. news.

We like our U.S. friends, but remember, like sex, political discussions are best conducted between consenting adults in private.
Chris Clarke
San Isidro de Grecia

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