Three cheers for Registro a great customer service

Often we read complaints about the government and how slow things take to be completed. I want to pass along my experience at the Registry Nacional.

I have been legally deaf for the past 15 years and wear “maxed out” hearing aids in my ears. Today, I went to exchange my license plates, and while I speak Spanish, I am limited as to what I understand.

The first young woman to process my information realized I had a problem and found another woman who spoke English. She walked me through the process but it did not end there. She led me to another who took my information. Then I was taken to a window to pay 15,600 colons. She then told me to sit because I needed to wait 35 minutes while they located my new plates.

There were 15 Ticos waiting when I took my seat. I did not have time to start up my Kindle when a young man came out looking for me with my new plates in hand. I still had to wait a few minutes while he filed the information in his computer. Finally, he explained the sticker I needed to place in the front window and sent me on my way.

Applauso! Applauso! It was an amazing experience.

Ken Beedle

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