Towards a socially just democracy, not socialism

Perhaps it is poetic justice, given the history of the relations between blacks and whites in the world and in countries where slavery and/or apartheid existed or still exists, but at this moment in history, both the leader of the most powerful country in the world and the most admired man in the world are black. One is African-American and the other South African. And the man who probably made it possible was also black.

Women have not done too badly for themselves either. Secretary no longer only means the pretty thing sitting at the desk in front of her boss’s office. (I’ve been there.)

We have demonstrated that we can be secretaries of State, start businesses, work alongside men, be creative, and make wise decisions. Even be president in some countries.

The second inauguration of President Barack Obama is over. His administration has a lot of work to do to concentrate more on the general welfare and less on the defense of the country as a primary concern, because without doing so, the country is in trouble.

I quote French politician and writer, Victor Hugo in this respect:

“Nothing is more dangerous than discontinued labor; it is a habit lost. A habit easy to abandon, (is)) difficult to resume.”

“Social prosperity means man happy, the citizen free, (and) the nation great.”

Both quotes are from his novel, “Les Miserables.”

Social prosperity does not mean socialism. It simply means paying attention to the well being, and prosperity of the citizens in general, not just a few. For those who are sticklers about following the Constitution, this should be a no brainer. The phrase comes right after “provide for the common defense,” and is separated only by a comma. I have yet to hear a U.S. politician use that phrase, but they love to remind everyone that defense of the country is the primary purpose of government.

Speaking of providing for the common defense, I am happy to be living in a country where whether or not to admit women into the front lines of the military is not a question that has to be dealt with. However, women have been in the front lines even before Florence Nightingale whenever the national defense of their country was at risk. It is just that nobody noticed.

Meanwhile, as so many countries in the Northern Hemisphere are shivering in almost unprecedented cold and snow, Costa Rica is beginning to bask in its sunshine as per normal, given that nothing in regarding the weather is normal anymore. We still have to worry about the future effects of drought and earthquakes. An earthquake woke me up Thursday morning. After the huge earthquake in Japan, I figured earthquakes would continue across the Pacific and get here. Well, they are here. I also feel, perhaps just to comfort myself, after experiencing enough big earthquakes in California (like one is enough), that a lot of little quakes is like a woman of the 50’s working and wriggling her way into one of those awful girdles. Once she’s got it adjusted, everything is fine. Until she has to take it off. (I think I had better come up with a different simile.)

Meanwhile, thanks to those of you who enlightened me that $400 for an ounce of (I hope) good marijuana is not unusual. That seems to be all that criminalizing it has done, because as others have informed me, probably on good authority, it has not cut down on its use.

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