U.S. Coast Guard releases photo of Caribbean drug sub

U.S. Coast Guard photo
This is the doomed semi-submersible

The U.S. Coast Guard has released an air photo of a semi-submersible drug boat that was spotted Dec. 4 in the Caribbean off Boca del Toro, Panamá.

This was the boat that became the centerpiece of a multinational anti-drug effort and eventually sank with the captain aboard, said officials at the time.

The Coast Guard Cutter “Resolute” as well as ships from Canada, Costa Rica and Panamá responded to the report of the drug boat. A Costa Rican coast guard boat was first on the scene and pulled three crew members from the water.

Officials said that the semi-submersible vessel sunk because of rough weather as it tried to evade the anti-drug boats.

Costa Rican coast guard crew members turned some of the confiscated cocaine and the three drug boat crew members over to Panamanian officials because the sinking took place in that country’s waters.

But crew members of the “Resolute,” a 210-foot medium endurance cutter based in St. Petersburg, Florida, picked up additional drug packages and debris from the Caribbean and brought the items to its home port, said the U.S. Coast Guard.

The semi-submersible drug craft was reported to be the sixth of its type that was encountered in the Caribbean.

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