Unhappy bulls injure 169 and send 46 to hospitals

Cruz Roja photo
Cruz Roja workers keep watch from the window
of an emergency clinic that is built into the Zapote
bull ring.

So far 169 amateur bullfighters have been treated by Cruz Roja personnel at the Zapote fairgrounds, the agency said Thursday. The bull baiting continues until Sunday.

The young men and women who risk their lives tormenting bulls inside the rondel or ring are called toreros improvisados. Bulls have killed some in past years and in similar activities at other carnivals. A few of the injured were traditional bull riders who were thrown by the animals and suffered injuries from the fall or from the bull.

Most of the injured have suffered blows from the bulls or injured themselves trying to get out of the way, said the Cruz Roja.

The Cruz Roja said that 46 of those treated had to be taken to Hospital Calderón Guardia or the Clínica Carlos Durán. The bull ring has a built-in clinic and a window into which injured bull baiting participants can be pushed on a stretcher.

The rescue agency has 55 persons on duty at the fiesta de San José, the traditional Christmas carnival. The totals of the injured do not include some 94 persons outside the bull ring who have been treated for other medical problems, said the agency.

Some have been injured by the carnival rides, the Cruz Roja said.

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