Venezuela seems to block online paper about Cuba

The Inter American Press Association has questioned the blockade of the online newspaper Diario de Cuba in Venezuela, calling it a suspicious act of censorship that restricts the right of the people to access differing sources of information.

The newspaper,, mainly dedicated to covering from Spain what occurs in Cuba of international interest, reported on its Web site that since Jan. 14 the users of Venezuela’s chief national telecommunications company have had difficulty in accessing the media outlet. Clients of other privately-owned Internet provider companies also warned the newspaper of the problem.

Claudio Paolillo described as highly suspicious “the blockade of this news media outlet which has been reporting, through opinion pieces and news items, on the situation regarding Venezuelan politics and the health of President Hugo Chávez.” He is chairman of the journalism organization’s Committee on Freedom of the Press.

Paolillo, editor of the Montevideo, Uruguay, weekly Búsqueda, added, “It was curious to learn what are the underlying reasons of the state and privately owned Internet service companies from blocking access to Diario de Cuba,” as there has been no awareness of any initiation of administrative or legal action in Venezuela against this newspaper.”

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