Wood is the medium for sculptor who has opening Saturday

David Villalobos is a lover of the human form, face and body. He express them easily in the wood, and this is what keeps him with an inspiration to do his art, he said.

The wood materials he uses are discards. “Cutting down trees for art is a sacrilege,” said Villalobos. “We must strive to protect the forest and rivers, to keep in one with nature.”

Working with a peaceful order and harmony in nature is crucial for Villalobos. “It inspires my naturalistic figurative technique as I seek compositions of movement and the dynamics of life,” he said

The artists works will be on display starting Saturday at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery west of Liberia.

Villalobos is from the province of Alajuela, and he started to show his talent at a young age. He expanded his knowledge of sculpture and technique studying under other sculptors from whom he learned the importance of finding his own style to exhibit his artistic language, he said.

“Over time, with the perseverance of those who were guiding my process, I managed to acquire knowledge that gave me my own character and independence,” said Villalobos.

His earlier exhibits conveyed messages which gave homage to those with the power of giving life and dialogue about time and life, where the most important characteristics were the movement and shapes in abstracts. David expresses curves and lines in his sculptures, which means that life itself is not flat or constant — it moves and turns undetectable, and so are his expressions, observers say.

In his new exhibit, “Amigos,” Villalobos explores the circle of friendship, the bonds of companionship and solidarity.

The opening starts at 10 a.m. Saturday.

The Hidden Garden Art Gallery is five kilometers west of Daniel Oduber airport on the road to the Pacific.

For more information those interested can contact the gallery by telephone, 2667-0592 / 8386-6872, or by email hiddengarden@thevanstonegroup.com.

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