Agents find a stickup suspect who matches their photo

Judicial Investigating Organization photos
Robbery suspect is led to a car. Inset shows a pistol that was

The message is clear: Potential bus robbers should either wear a mask or pick a vehicle that does not have a security camera.

The robber who stuck up passengers on a Desamparados bus Friday did not heed that warning. And he ended up shooting a passenger in the face who resisted.

When judicial agents launched an investigation, they quickly obtained a photo of the bandit.

The 26-year-old suspect they detained Tuesday near Centro Comercial del Sur matched the description, they said. He is a former security guard.

Agents searched his dwelling in Capri de Desamparados and later searched a residence in San Miguel de Desamaparados where they recovered a 9-mm. pistol, which will be subjected to lab tests.

The victim, who has the last name of Monge, is 22 and is recovering, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

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