Argentina makes agreement for training police there

Security minister Mario Zamora Cordero and Argentina Ambassador Martín Balza signed an agreement Thursday for an interchange between the Argentinean naval force and Costa Rica’s coast guard.

Each year two Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas officers will be granted a full scholarship to study maritime security at an Argentine university. Argentinean officials will likewise be allowed to come to Costa Rica and experience first hand the fight against drugs and other crimes, a release said.

According to coast guard director Martín Arias, four Costa Rican officials are currently studying at the universities of the Prefectura Naval Argentina. Two of them are just starting the program, while the other two are into their second year. The training lasts four years.

Prefectura Naval Argentina is in charge of security at 5,000 kilometers of coastlines in the Atlantic, as well as in all ports, rivers and Argentinean lakes, said Balza.

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