Artists give wanted woman a series of facial makeovers

Judicial Investigating Organization graphic

Judicial artists have been aging and giving makeovers to the family of Alejandro Jiménez González, who is accused of setting up the murder in Guatemala of musical legend Facundo Cabral. Cabral was in a car with the man who was the presumed target of the ambush.

Jiménez is in custody but judicial agents still are looking for his family. They released speculative graphics of his parents earlier this week. Thursday they released graphics of his wife, Wendy Pérez Sánchez.

His family vanished just as Jiménez was named as the suspected author of the killing. Judicial agents raided their homes, but they have not been seen since shortly after the July 11, 2011 killing.

Jiménez was picked up in Panamá and extradited to Guatemala.

The target of the shooting was Henry Fariñas, a businessman who had dealing with Jiménez. Farinas survived.

There is no indication that his family was involved in the murder, but they are being investigated for money laundering.

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