Baby boomers’ maladies are function of their diet

This study from yesterday’s article is no surprise.  I am a baby boomer and see how most of the baby boomers I know have one or more of the problems that were mentioned in the article.  As

mentioned, “baby boomers have higher levels of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and higher rates of disability than their parents.”  I would say a main factor is diet.  It seems quite obvious.  Most baby boomers have been eating more packaged processed food with so many artificial ingredients that our parents never consumed until their later years.

More additives occur in the daily diet of most baby boomers including the meats they are eating.  All the antibiotics and hormones fed to livestock is passed on to the consumer.  Many fish have high levels of mercury and other heavy metals.

Unnatural preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors, MSG and additional salt are all part of the problem.  Until the baby boomers decide to change their eating habits, they will continue to suffer from the above mentioned infirmities.  I have only been sick once in the past 15 years and that was from dengue. I also have only been to a doctor once in that time.  That was because I needed 25 stitches behind my knee from an accident I had.

I feel my diet and lifestyle play an important role in my health.  I am a vegetarian and eat very little packaged foods and add no salt to anything I eat.  I consider my diet as my medicine.  Funny how some people tell me I must be missing out with the way I eat.  I don’t feel that at all.  It is just a different way at looking at things.

I also hear the argument that people are living longer so it couldn’t be diet.  We are living longer because of breakthroughs in treatments for ailments.  That doesn’t always make quality of life better though.
Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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