Chávez returns home at last, but there still are questions

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has returned home from Cuba after more than two months of medical treatment for cancer.

The president’s return to Caracas was announced in messages early Monday on Twitter. The messages thanked God and the nation and said treatment will continue in Venezuela.

Supporters of the 58-year-old leader celebrated the news.

Chávez underwent a six-hour surgical procedure in December in Havana, his fourth such surgery since he was diagnosed with cancer in mid-2011.

In January, Vice President Nicolas Maduro described the president’s condition as delicate.

The latest cancer recurrence was discovered in October, following the socialist leader’s overwhelming re-election. At the time, Chávez named Maduro as his successor if he was unable to resume his duties.

President Chávez was scheduled to be sworn in to a new six-year term Jan. 10, but upon learning he could not leave Cuba for the ceremonies, the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled the president could delay his inauguration indefinitely, a move the opposition strongly criticized.

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