China will present check sometime in the future

Re: NY Times blames China for cyber attack

Costa Rica will rue the day that they have had dealings with this Communist country. While The New York Times has the backing of the massive U.S.A. technological industry and the U.S.A. government, Costa Rica won’t know what hit them when it happens, and it will happen. These loans and stadium have a huge price. Yesterday I went to Migración for my cédula. There were three Chinese getting their cédulas. They must have been investors.

I wonder how many Ticos they will hire to work in their businesses according to Costa Rican law? Perhaps they’ll hire them just like they did to work on the stadium. Anyone ever see how many Ticos go into Chinatown to work? Watch the follow up on the cyber attack on The New York Times and see what the U.S.A. does about punishing the attackers, then you’ll have an idea what Costa Rica can or can’t do when it comes time to pay the fiddler.

When loans are demanded to be paid, the World Court and the World Trade Organization will decide the sanctions against Costa Rica and how they will be paid, not Costa Rica. More and more land/businesses and political influences. They will want politicians that will represent the ever growing Chinatown and then, where will it end?
Art Sulenski
Los Angeles Sur de Alajuela

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