Escazú medical practitioner faces unlicensed allegation

Judicial agents detained Wednesday a long-time Escazú expat who provided medical services.

He was identified as a German national with the last name of Hainnes. He faces an allegation of practicing medicine without the proper permissions.

The man, 60, has a medical office in his home and presented himself as a doctor of osteopathy. Although widely recognized in the world, such medical providers are not recognized by the Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos in Costa Rica, said agents.

Osteopathy involves the manipulation of muscles and body parts in order to cure diseases. Many osteopaths in the United States are fully-licensed physicians who provide all the services of a general medical practitioner as well as the manipulation. There is an uneasy truce there between medical doctors, known as M.Ds, and doctors of osteopathy, known as D.Os.

Hainnes came to Costa Rica in 1999, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Agents confiscated patient files and other material, they said.

Hainnes has a practice that includes expats. He is believed to be multi-lingual.

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