Expats need explanation on where to get new plates

One of the first things I do when I boot up my computer in the morning is to check out what is on A.M. Costa Rica. I have been waiting for a year for your publication to update the information on new plates for our motor vehicles. Nothing new in about a year. There was a news item last year about doing it at the post office, but no info on how to properly complete the process. The news item stated bring your plates in to the post office and you will receive new plates in a couple two or three days more or less.

Does that mean, I have to drive around for that time period without plates? Could you please give all us expats an update on the proper way to get this done without having to go to San José.

Changing the subject. Your publication is so focused on what is going on in the U.S.A and other areas you seem to miss some of the really important situations that are going on in this country. Most of the news you print about the U.S.A. is a day (or 2) late and a dollar short.

Do you really think that people that read A.M. Costa Rica on the their computers do not already know about the news stories you print about the states. I have been reading the articles the last few weeks about the colon/dollar situation and the tourism impact, but you missed a story concerning the major increase in the liquor license rates. This new tax is killing restaurateurs that cater to tourists because they have to raise their drink prices.

This is not a small increase, check it out, I think you would be appalled, reminds me of the new traffic fines they passed a couple of years ago. In closing I would just like to see more articles concerning Costa Rica.
Douglas Sehr
Quepos/ Manual Antonio

EDITOR’S NOTE: For license plates you can go to any post office in the country, not just San José or at the regional offices of the Registro Nacional where you can get plates the same day.

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